The Creative Connector, Deborah Schwartz Griffin, Launches A New Website

A new website has just launched for Deborah Schwartz Griffin, that shares many of the testimonials she has received over the years, from business leaders that she has worked with. The new website also features video testimonials about the Creative Connector, Deborah, from local business leaders and industry experts.

Deborah wanted the website to focus on what she does best for business owners and business leaders: helping clients generate new business resulting in increased sales and revenue.

“At Creative Connector, we are the one point of contact and conduit to a team of strategic associates. We conduct in-depth research and analysis of your business, to understand and offer customized development support to help you get to the next-level, the tipping point of success.” Said Deborah.

Deborah has a very unique and valuable position in the business world: she is a master at making connections. She uses her business connections from her personal and business successes to help her clients grow their business.

“One of the reasons I’m hired is because of the business, civic and philanthropic leaders I know that lead to business generation and strategic partnerships. By understanding your goals and objectives, it helps me maximize my network of relationships to help you grow yours.” Deborah explained.

“Building your sales funnel and strategic pipeline for generating a measurable ROI is the value I bring, by getting you in front of decision makers that will ultimately generate a return on your investment, and build sustaining strategic partnerships for everyone involved”. Deborah clarified.

If you are interested in a free 30 minute strategy building session with Deborah Schwartz Griffin, go to: or complete the inquiry form, here:

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