How a Staffing Agency Can Help with Hard-to-Fill Jobs

If you’re having trouble finding qualified candidates for your company’s job openings, you’re not alone. A lack of available applicants is the most common reason why employers have difficulty filling jobs, according to ManpowerGroup’s 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey of 2015. More than one-third of companies polled said they’ve run into this issue.

Meanwhile, those unfilled positions could be interfering with your operations and costing you clients. Working with a staffing agency could be the answer to turning things around. Here are a few common scenarios.

When you need to fill a position urgently. Maybe you have an unexpected vacancy or a pressing deadline, and there’s no time to advertise. Staffing agencies can provide a pre-screened pool of applicants for you to consider.

When you’re hiring for a position outside your field. Maybe you know what to look for in another accountant or architect, but what about IT staff or an administrative assistant? Staffing agencies can recruit for a wide range of industries and specialties.

When your current staff has limited human resources experience. While computer programs can search resumes for keywords, it still takes humans to evaluate whether a candidate will be a good fit. Agencies will screen applicants so you don’t waste time on disappointing interviews. They also conduct rigorous background checks so you can feel confident bringing new hires on board.

When your last hire didn’t work out. Agencies can provide an informed and objective perspective on what constructive changes need to be made. Instead of feeling like you’re back to square one, you have a partner who shares your commitment to making a great hire this time.

Working with a staffing agency can save you time and money in the long run. Even more important, it can help you find top talent essential to your business success.

Find your perfect match by contacting these staffing agencies:
Acloche and Hunter Recruitment Advisors


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