7 Ways to Make Motivational Mondays More Amazing

Do you love Motivation Monday quotes? Sometimes all it takes is a few inspirational words to brighten up your mood, and make you more productive. You can transform your whole week by how well you use the first few hours. Here are 7 ways to make Mondays more amazing.

  1. Get a head start. Spend some time getting organized on Friday afternoon. You won’t have to face a messy desk on Monday morning, and you’ll be less likely to forget important details. Use Sunday nights for advance preparation too. Pack your gym bag so you’ll be ready to exercise after work. Have your children’s lunches ready for them to grab out of the refrigerator.
  2. Stay on schedule. Sticking to your bedtime on weekends makes it easier to get up on Mondays. If you want to sleep in, try to make it no more than 1 extra hour so you don’t disrupt your usual cycle.
  3. Lighten up. Morning light wakes your brain up. Open a window or go eat breakfast outdoors.
  4. Eat breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, give your body the fuel it needs to keep you going. Whip up a smoothie or stir fresh fruit and nuts into a cup of plain yogurt. If traditional breakfast menus don’t excite you, go ahead and eat broiled fish or vegetable soup.
  5. Think positive. Focus on what you like about your job, and the people you work with. Give yourself something to look forward to like having lunch with a friend or working on a project that stretches your skills.
  6. Learn something. Every day is meaningful when you use it to grow and improve. Pick up a new vocabulary word or experiment with a healthy recipe.
  7. Post a quote. Keep Monday Motivation quotes going by making your own regular contributions. Share some wisdom from famous philosophers or your grandmother.

Say goodbye to the Monday morning blues. You always have something to celebrate when you use the start of the week as an opportunity to set new goals and move forward.

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