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Market: Metro Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Business Coaching, Consulting
Established: 2003

Other Awards: Winner Global Action Man 2004, 2007, Finalist Global Best Client Results 2006, Inductee President's Club 2008, Chairman's Club 2013

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1395 East Cobb Drive | Ste 71163
Marietta, Georgia 30007

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About ActionCOACH

We work with clients like yourself.  People who want to improve their personal performance, or the performance of organizations that they lead, so that they and their teams can lead better lives through that improved performance!

We work with three “types” of clients (because there can be some overlap among the three)

Small Business Owners…You “grabbed on to the dream, knowing that it would be a stretch”.  You just didn’t know how much of a stretch it would be!  Russ uses proven ActionCOACH methods (over 25  years across 70 countries and 10’s of thousands of small businesses) to:

  1. create control out of the initial chaos of starting up and growth
  2. build cash flow and profits
  3. create the systems and processes that permit sustainable long term performance
  4. grow the team and managers that free you to pursue the life that you dreamed of when you got started in “owning your own gig”
  5. All to create “A commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you needing to be there”

Leaders of Teams…Does this fit you?  You’ve worked hard to be “the best at your game” whatever you’ve done…and now it’s paid off. You’ve sought a team of people to lead for a long time…and now you have it.  Or you’ve been leading your own team, and now you’ve been asked to lead multiple teams. Leading your own team is really different than just using the individual contributor skills that got you here.  Moving from leading your own team to leading multiple teams is just as different a set of skills as when you moved up from individual contributor. Russ uses ActionCOACH methods, his experience, and his Master’s in I-O Psychology to assist you in the transition to team leader, or to a leader of leaders, and to ongoing performance as one.

Executives…You’ve got a solid track record of performance over an extended period of time.  But something doesn’t feel “right”.  It may be the need to make a decision to continue with your current organization, or to go elsewhere. It may be a “slow down” in performance that can’t be easily explained.  It may be identifying people to move into positions of greater responsibility in your organization…and that there don’t appear to be any candidates that are “ready now”.  Russ uses his Master’s in I-O Psychology and Hogan Assessments (the gold standard for executive personality assessment) to provide insight, direction, and ongoing feedback to keep executives (and potential executives) moving along successfully when there aren’t obvious answers to these key questions.

What clients have said about Russ…

“Russ is a particularly good match for me because his personality is distinctly different from mine. He is what I call a fighter-pilot mentality. He assesses the facts, weighs the alternatives, and gets to the decision point quickly. In addition, he has a bias toward action and does not get caught up in the analysis. I have a tendency to overthink issues – Russ drives me to decisions.” – Bruce Meller, President, Home Forge Remodeling

“The thing I found most helpful was truly learning how to plan; not just for the day, but for the year, and know where, how, and when to focus my time.” – Daniel Crumbley, attended Russ’ Time Management workshop

An outstanding asset Russ has is his vast experience in the SUCCESSFUL business world. The coaching industry is riddled with those that can tell you what to do, but have never experienced true success for themselves. Russ has been involved with one success after another which has been extremely beneficial to my coaching.” – Dr. Mike Tumminelo, D.C., Life Empowerment Institute

Russ Hall’s Coaching Story…

I grew up in a lower middle class / working poor section of the smallest city of the smallest state in the US. A determination to “be more, do more” got me out. Through assistance from my church and academic performance, I got accepted into a top private high school. That was followed by an NROTC scholarship to Villanova University. After 7 years active duty as a Naval Aviator chasing Soviet Submarines and performing Search and Rescue missions from SH-3 Sea King Helicopters (the same one the President of the US uses), I got started in sales for a Fortune 100 company (we sold blood testing systems to blood banks, hospital laboratories, and reference laboratories).  I thought I’d do that for a few years until I figured out “what I wanted to do with my life”. 21 years later, with multiple positions, promotions, and recognition in sales and field service leadership, I retired and discovered ActionCOACH.

I’ve been professionally coaching now since 2003, and it has been incredibly satisfying for me (and challenging).  About 12 years into it, I realized that the real key to improved performance for my clients was often tied to “what went on inside” them…so I elected to obtain my Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from UGA (Go DAWGS!). That has led to a deep interest in Neuroscience and the literal impact of our brains on everything we do and achieve…and has been another “ramp up” of my coaching practice.

My latest investment in my practice and clients is certification in Hogan Assessments.  Through my Master’s program, I learned of the power of the Hogan system, and the deep level of research and practical in-field performance supporting it.

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