Thursday Leader Sessions Open Through the End Of May 2020

Fellow BCN members,

Two weeks ago I announced that I was making time available each week to support leaders during these challenging times.  I have been blown away by the response! My last two Thursdays were each 12+ hour days of serving leaders!

Here are the themes that came up over and over again:

  • becoming better leaders (even amidst the disruption)
  • making better decisions (even amidst the noise)
  • getting better results (even amidst the uncertainty)
  • creating a clear vision (of life post-COVID-19)

Alan Kay said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” How can I support you in inventing what you will be, what your business will be, what your life will be after these challenging times are behind us?

Schedule your “Thursday Leader Session” here or call/text me at 404-822-9688 so we can make the connection.

And if there’s a leader you know who you think would benefit from support — to still their nerves, to brainstorm ideas, or to find ways to succeed in these challenging times — please share this link, as well.

Remember, there’s no charge for these sessions. This is how I am choosing to serve.

In the meantime, be well!


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