Small business social media: 5 solid tips

As a small business owner you’re challenged every day with the essential operations of your business. Whether you are a butcher, baker or delicious wine maker your day is filled with the basic tasks of your business: trimming fat, mixing dough, sipping the wine.

The last thing you want to deal with is your social media presence. But like it or not, having a strong social game is both necessary and rewarding.



But how do you get started? What do you post? How often? What platforms? When is the best time? Let’s take the guess work out of these questions. Here are five solid tips for small business social media. Save some frustration, cut the fat, spend more time enjoying the wine:

Tip 1: Be consistent

It’s time to commit to your social media accounts. Posting a picture every six months isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be consistent and post 3 to 4 times a week. If that feels like a huge mountain to climb, limit your platforms. If you can’t manage a Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat, and linkedin, hone in on one platform that performs best for your industry. 4 posts or stories a week on Instagram might be most fruitful, start there and keep it consistent.

Tip 2: Optimize your posting time

Everyone, we mean everyone, even your neighbors pug, has an opinion about the best time to post on socials. There is an abundance of articles arguing for their take on the ideal time of day, which (btw) tends to change overnight. Take in as much knowledge as you want or have time for, but really, it all comes down to your own profile’s insights. Most social accounts have very handy measurements that demonstrate a posts engagement and interaction. Take note, and in time, find your own best practices. The nature of your business, your region, your following will all dictate the best time to post, not your neighbor’s nosy pug.


Tip 3: Quality content

Provide your social following with posts that are easy on the eyes, pleasing to look at and provide pleasant, thought provoking responses. For instance, the go-to content for plastic surgeons is before and after. These are common, disgust their audience, or sell the surgery practice short. “They don’t look that different to me.” Instead, post an image of a person who looks relaxed, at ease, enjoying life, on a beach? “Wow, by undergoing incredibly invasive surgery, I can have a good life!” Note: This would work for butchers too.


Tip 4: Video, Video, Video  

Ahem: “Research has shown” that video posts perform very well. Okay. This is not always true, but here’s a quick explanation. Video posts tend to be quick segments of an individual telling an original story, being authentic and social in front of the camera, and speaking to their audience. This is what the platforms were made for and therefore this is why you will be rewarded with a good response to your video posts and stories. Sit down in front of the ole’ iPhone and chat with your following. Tell them what you love about your business and why they need to come check it out. A PLUS: Having video posts shakes up the monotony of one picture post after another.

Tip 5: Measurement Sites

Use the tools you have available to you. In addition to a platform’s internal insight and measurement tools, there are plenty of 3rd party companies like HootSuite, Buffer and Sprout Social. These sites help manage your post schedule, offer content ideas, and provide excellent feedback on your post’s performance. They are typically priced as very economical monthly or annual subscriptions. Use. These. Tools. Save yourself some time and connect up.  

If you decide that even with time saving steps and a new direct approach you still struggle with your social media or simply don’t have the bandwidth, allow Valiant to lead the charge. We can produce beautiful, procured, original content for your social media, increase your followers, broaden your engagement and maximize your reach. Take the guesswork out of small business social media and find more time to enjoy the wine.

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