Setting Up Your Home Office

As more and more people are working from home either as teleworkers or as freelancers, the home office is becoming an important must have. Some of the items needed to set-up are, a printer, computer, Wi-Fi to wireless keyboards but before you dive in, think about these tips when designing your home office then visit Atlanta’s office furniture experts Office Furniture Expo for all your needs.

Pay Attention to Ergonomics  

How you function in your home office is an important component of creating an efficient office space. For example, as we make the transition to a home work environment, ensuring that our chairs are the correct height will save us neck and back strain in the future. It will also help with lower back pain if you aren’t reaching for the floor but instead are able to put your feet firmly on the ground. All these components, and many more, make up the study of ergonomics. Before you purchase any furniture, be sure that you are comfortable with your space.

Invest in Quality Furniture

It is easy to think that teleworking is just a passing fad however nothing could be further from the truth. Many government agencies and corporations are implementing long term strategies that include telework. Forbes Magazine recently released an article highlighting the benefits to employers and employees including cost savings, increased productivity, ability to employee people worldwide and the satisfaction expressed by employees. If you are part of the growing workforce that sees the trend of working from home as here to stay, investing in high quality furniture is a must.

As you transition to the stay at home/work from home model, don’t forget to take time out for coffee breaks too! Stretch your legs and stay connected to your teammates. For more information about how you can furnish your new home office with quality furniture, contact our Consumers’ Choice Award Winner, Office Furniture Expo.

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