Plan, Don’t Panic

For the duration of the Corona Crisis, I will be offering 1 Hour Pro Bono Coaching Sessions to 5 Businesses each week.  It’s an opportunity to brainstorm some ideas, vent your frustrations, and talk with someone “who gets it” when most of the people in your life don’t (or you don’t want to burden them with the issues!).

The Goal is to Create a plan of Action to survive now, and position you to thrive when things improve (and they will, as they always do!)  Keep in mind:

“When there’s no hope for the future, there’s no power in the present.”

“When the storm is raging, the fishermen mend their nets.”

“Instead of “Why is this happening to me”, reframe your thoughts to “This must be happening FOR me, to do new things, in new ways, that I didn’t have the time or desire to mess with before!”

How to Redeem

How to contact for this opportunity: Call me at 770.649.6730 or reach me by email at:

Russ Hall, BS Econ, M I/O Psych
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2430 Herodian Way
Ga 30080
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