Out of the Doghouse: Celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day

This year is the 25th celebration of National Bring Your Dog to Work Day — a fun event that allows dog owners to bring their furry BFFs to work. It’s a great way to celebrate the special relationship between dogs and their owners. What fantastic news for dog owners who feel guilty for leaving their pooch home alone all day! 

Take Your Dog to Work Day is observed on the Friday following Father’s Day — which falls on June 23rd this year. It was developed by Pet Sitters International to encourage pet adoptions and raise awareness about animal welfare. 

What Are the Benefits?

Besides being a day filled with tail wagging, slobbery kisses, and people asking, “Who’s a good boy” over and over, there are several benefits to having your dog by your side at work:

  • Encourages companies to be more accommodating towards their employees 
  • Creates a paw-sitive and more relaxed work environment 
  • Provides a mental reset through frequent play and walk breaks throughout the day
  • Promotes conversations about pet ownership and adoption 

It’s no coincidence that you feel more motivated and productive when your tail-wagging friend is by your side. Studies have shown that bringing your pet to work can boost morale and reduce turnover by promoting the following benefits:

  • Lowers perceived stress levels  
  • Enhances job satisfaction 
  • Fosters engagement and communication
  • Promotes work-life balance

Are There Rules?

It’s important for employees to keep in mind that not all dogs are suitable for a work environment. Some canines may not be well-trained, while others may be too aggressive.

There are a few things you should be mindful of before your pooch strolls into work with you: 

  • Ensure your pal is healthy, well-behaved, and comfortable around people and other dogs. 
  • Bring food, water, their leash, toys, bed/blanket, and treats to keep them occupied and happy.
  • Be considerate of coworkers who may be allergic or have a fear of dogs. 

While more and more companies celebrate taking your dog to work day, not all of them do. Before you bring your dog to work, check with your employer to make sure they allow it and if they have particular guidelines you need to follow.  

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