Meet your newest Fulton County Probate Court Administrator! 

✴I joined two probate court administrators who have been on the Fulton County Probate Court, GA team for years!

✴Our new, innovative Fulton County Probate Court Judge Kenya Johnson appointed me after her team vetted me and my office.

What does this appointment mean?

When a Fulton County probate estate comes before Judge Johnson and the heirs cannot agree on the distribution of the estate, a court administrator is appointed to get the job done; i.e.,

1. Gather and collect the assets

2. Locate debts & notify creditors

3. Pay debts & necessary expenses

4. Avoid spoliation of the estate

5. Distribute assets equitably

I am so excited to join Fulton County Probate Court’s amazing team which I have worked with for four years now presenting my retained cases.

I welcome another opportunity to serve and educate the public while continuing to build the legacy of Graham Estate Planning!

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