Is There an IT Skills GAP in your Small Atlanta IT Department?

Is there an IT skills gap in your Atlanta small business? The biggest hindrance to small internal IT departments is the lack of time and exposure to new technologies. To keep up, small IT departments focus on the small subset of technologies in their environment. And while they become experts in the technologies they support, they often become complacent. After all, they do not need to learn about new technologies they don’t support during times of stability.

IT Skills Gap & Innovation in Today’s World

If 2020 taught us anything, we must meet our customers where they are. The most critical factor in customer satisfaction is now their “experience.” Innovation is the new buzzword that is key to business success in the 2020s.

Indeed, small businesses worldwide can embrace innovation through digital transformation, data analytics, IoT technology, machine learning, and more to surpass their larger competitors. Unfortunately, exposure to these new technologies does not happen in a vacuum. That’s why it is often a good idea to regularly partner with an outside vendor exposed to new technologies.

Exposure & Experience Matters

Many small and medium-sized businesses turn to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as an extra resource for emerging technologies. Some examples include:

 1. Merging New Technologies

Experience counts when you plan to integrate new technology into your existing infrastructure, as technology integration spans across all devices, such as computers, mobile devices, networks, and software applications. Any mistake could result in a spiraling effect.

A smooth transition allows employees to use the tool seamlessly without thinking about the technology itself. In other words, it becomes second nature. A commitment to change management,  ongoing training, certifications, and hands-on experience is the key to successful integration.  

2. Access to New Technology

Technology changes quickly. For example, in the past ten years, cloud computing has been at the forefront for small to enterprise businesses. Companies are constantly seeking ways to gain speed, scalability, security, versatility, and reliability, and MSPs have greater access to these new and emerging technologies. Consequently, they can help guide you toward the right decisions for your environment.

3. Cybersecurity 

One of the disadvantages of supporting only one network environment is the lack of awareness of new cybersecurity threats every moment of every day. Unfortunately, small businesses are a prime target because they are so ill-prepared. Mature MSPs have the technologies to block and prevent emerging threats. And if one does get through, they have a plan of action to help them recover.

IT Skill Levels Required: Atlanta Top IT Support

Small businesses cannot afford the staff to support and protect their network environment fully. A complete IT department includes a helpdesk, desktop support, network engineers, network architects, cybersecurity professionals, programmers, telecom, and a Chief Information Officer. There is not one person who possesses all these skills; it takes a team. For this reason, outside help is often necessary.  

INSI-Atlanta GA Supplements IT Skills Gap

As a an Atlanta Managed Service Providers (MSP), INSI has multiple experts in various of network technologies. Our team of engineers has exposure and experience across several industries and can cross-train your engineers in areas where they struggle.

Most importantly, INSIs signature Customized IT program separates every skill level and service into a separate offering, allowing your IT team to pick and choose the exact service they need: no more and no less. This service ensures no overlap as each party takes responsibility for its role. As a result, there is no finger-pointing, and we can operate much more efficiently with your IT department as a team. Therefore, it is the perfect MSP relationship for an internal IT department.

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