Join us for our second “virtual” session of Business Wise Insiders

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Join us for our second “virtual” session of Business Wise Insiders

Tuesday, June 09, 2020, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Email has always been a powerful way to connect with new, good prospects. In the current “remote” business environment, it’s even more important.

Join us for our second “virtual” session of Business Wise Insiders on June 9, where we’ll share key ways you can use email to connect and set appointments with your local prospects.

Unfortunately, a lot of sales reps have ignored email as a way to reach prospects because they think it’s only for marketers, or that it just doesn’t work that well. The reps who do use email often waste time sending messages their prospects don’t care about, and don’t reply to.

On June 9, we’ll show you how successful sales reps use email to find leads and set appointments—and why some of the most effective email campaigns don’t actually require that much time or effort on your part.

After the presentation, we’ll hold “break-out” sessions where you can connect with and learn from fellow sales and marketing professionals in your local market, including our own biz-dev experts in Atlanta, Charlotte & Dallas-Fort Worth.

We’ll start at 9:00am EDT / 8:00am CDT on Tuesday, June 9, and the session should last about 60 minutes.

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We’re looking forward to getting together… remotely!


Debra Kline
President / CEO
Business Wise

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