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Established: 2006

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Tricia Molloy is an acclaimed leadership speaker on work-life balance and
an expert on writing client testimonials.



Do you want your employees to stop struggling with work-life balance and be more productive?  Show them how with Tricia Molloy’s customized leadership development programs.

An expert on developing a positive mindset, Tricia Molloy helps employees reduce stress, achieve goals and enjoy more work-life balance. The result? A happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Tricia is an acclaimed keynote speaker, the author of Working with Wisdom and a coach for professional women who crave more success at work and in life.


Her Most Popular Programs are:

Five Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Get Things Done


The Why, What and How of Better Balance


For the Clarity, Confidence and Courage to Pursue Your Dreams

Organizations like Marriott, The Home Depot, Deloitte and Georgia Power have benefited from these programs. If you have a small business of 50 or less employees and want to capitalize on Tricia’s impact, consider partnering with another small business so you can combine employees and share the investment. Learn more at or contact Tricia at 770-565-1231 or


Keynote Talks and Workshops

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Sales Kick-Off Meetings
  • Women’s Affinity Groups
  • Client Appreciation Networking Events
  • Retreats
  • Industry Conferences  

Three-Month Working with Wisdom Coaching Program for professional women, based on the ten universal principles from the book, Working with Wisdom

 “Through her stories, exercises and strategies, Tricia helped us put things in perspective and identify the stressors in our lives we could either drop or deal with better“

“At her vision board workshop, Tricia created a fun, safe, relaxing environment for us to explore our challenges and aspirations.” 

“Relevant and revealing, Tricia’s program combined the inspiration of a keynote with the practical approach of a workshop.” 
Network of Executive Women 

Best referrals are to business owners, HR directors and leadership development professionals who are committed to supporting the success of their employees. Also, program chairs for professional association meetings and conferences.

Testimonials from Clients and Referral Sources Open Doors and Close Deals!

Through her public relations firm, Molloy Communications, Tricia Molloy offers a valuable, unique service: She interviews your most delighted clients and referral sources and writes compelling testimonials for your website, LinkedIn profile and other marketing. By tapping into the power of gratitude through strategic third-party endorsements, you can build your business and boost morale. Most testimonial writing projects are completed in a week. Learn more at or contact Tricia at 770-565-1231 or 

Written recommendations from my delighted clients are like gold when it comes to growing my business. The challenge is getting clients to provide them. That’s why I rely on Tricia Molloy.”
Melissa Galt, Prosper by Design

“When Tricia Molloy told me what she charged for writing client testimonials, I thought that was way too much. Then she sent me the first group of 15 quotes and I realized it wasn’t enough. I was blown away by how she captured each client’s story in a few powerful sentences. It’s a unique talent. This is a great investment!”
Mark J. Friedman, Divorce Attorney

Best referrals are to experts—consultants, coaches, speakers, attorneys, home service specialists—with delighted clients who want to provide written recommendations but don’t have the time or talent to do it themselves.

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About Working With Wisdom

Tricia Molloy is an acclaimed leadership speaker on work-life balance and an expert on writing client testimonials.

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