Mark Stevens, former co-owner of The Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop located on corner of N. Highland and St. Charles Avenue in the 1980s, has some heartfelt advice for Huff.

“You’ve got to be dedicated,” Stevens said. “You’re not doing it to get rich, but you do it for all of the other reasons. It’s fun. It’s a labor of love.  It’s a meeting place for minds.  If it’s going to be done anywhere – it can be done there.”

Huff shares that passion. What excites her the most about this venture? You guessed it – the books! 

“I probably read about 100 books a year,” Huff said.  She’s hoping her neighbors will too after visiting her bookstore.

 Virginia Highland Books is located at 1034 N. Highland Avenue. For more details, visit and @vihibooks on Instagram. Be sure to pick up a print copy of Atlanta Intown when you’re in the store, too!