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About United Way of Greater Atlanta

What We Do
United Way brings together people and resources to tackle complex community issues and drive sustainable positive change to help our community thrive.

For individuals and organizations that want to help improve the health of their community – United Way is the platform that enables individuals, groups and companies to make a difference – individually and collectively – in whatever way they wish to contribute their time, talent and treasure.

Our Focus
Communities can thrive today and reach their greatest future potential only if our children are thriving. That’s why United Way’s focus is on creating a community where “all the children are well.”

By ensuring that every child in our community has the opportunity to reach his or her potential, we are building a strong future for Greater Atlanta – a future where every individual and family in the community can thrive.

Communities that can say “all the children are well” have babies who are born healthy; kids who read proficiently by 3rd grade; teens graduating from high school prepared for college, careers and life; children growing up in secure homes and safe neighborhoods, with healthy food, and access to medical care to keep them healthy; and families supported by communities where people are educated, employed and housed; and have ready access to good healthcare and affordable healthy foods. United Way helps creating a thriving community in three ways.

  • United Way draws together the efforts of people and organizations across Greater Atlanta’s 13 counties to work collectively on issues most strongly affecting child, family and community well-being.
  • United Way invests funds where they have the most leverage in addressing those issues, directing the dollars from its Impact Fund (dollars given to vs. through United Way).
  • United Way deploys the power of 16,000 volunteers toward work across Greater Atlanta’s 13 counties.

How We Make It Happen

Collaboratively – through Collective Impact. No one does it alone. United Way has long-standing and extensive connections within the community – with nonprofits, businesses, volunteers, donors, governments and foundations across all 13 counties in Greater Atlanta.

  • We are uniquely able to convene and direct teams of people to work together to collectively tackle big, complex problems that no one organization can tackle alone – problems like low birth weight babies, low high school graduation rates, high numbers of working poor people and homelessness.
  • We partner with businesses – big and small – all over Greater Atlanta to help them advance their philanthropic goals through workplace campaigns and other giving and volunteering events.

Strategically – through direction-setting, orchestrating roles and mobilizing teams of community partners; and through
investing dollars donated to the United Way Impact Fund.

  • About the Impact Fund: Impact Fund dollars are invested in creating collaborative solutions to advance child well-being and therefore better quality of life for everyone in our community. When you direct your dollars to the United Way Impact Fund, you are enabling us to provide the biggest impact on child well-being.

Holistically – looking at whole lives, recognizing that health, education, employment and shelter are all intertwined.

Innovatively – through new initiatives that support the development of new ways to foster child and community well-being.

  • 2-1-1 Contact Center – a free and confidential service, that connects people to the assistance they need to address everyday challenges of living and those that develop during emergencies
  • Atlanta CareerRise – addresses the jobs-skills mismatch for employers and opens doors to promising careers for low-wage workers
  • Choose Health – connects under- and uninsured people with a place to receive primary healthcare and preventative services
  • Kids Home Initiative – a program that keeps homeless kids and their families on track in school and in life
  • Silence the Growl – funds summer meals for an estimated 350,000 children who might otherwise go hungry
  • Spark Prize – a competition awarding grants to organizations that find new ways to solve complex community issues

How We Include Everyone

Engaging in the workplace: Through partnerships with small businesses, major corporations and other nonprofits, United Way provides workplaces and their employees with opportunities to give back to the community while aligning with their corporate social responsibility strategy.

Engaging through volunteerism: Volunteering through United Way of Greater Atlanta is a great way to give back, while getting involved with some of the most important issues facing our community today. United Way connects corporate teams, community groups and individuals with meaningful volunteer experiences that impact lives within our focus areas. Whether it’s a one day activity or quarterly teambuilding projects, the volunteerism team develops projects to connect people with their passions and make the greatest community impact.

  • Last year, over 16,000 volunteers gave close to 50,000 volunteer hours to help 84 nonprofits in our community

Training for nonprofit boards through VIP (Volunteer Involvement Program): United Way’s Volunteer Involvement Program is a 10-week, 40-hour training program offered in spring, summer and fall. It is designed to develop and enhance individual leadership skills and increase diverse volunteer participation in nonprofit board and leadership positions in Greater Atlanta communities. VIP gives participants the tools to serve as effective board members of local nonprofit agencies. Workshops include fundraising, strategic planning, marketing and financial and legal decision-making. United Way also offers Board Digest – special workshops for companies that want to provide customized in-house training.

Key stats about VIP

  • VIP trains over 125 volunteers each year from across 13 counties
  • VIP has trained over 2,200 volunteers in board governance and leadership skills
  • Collectively, they have served on more than 500 nonprofit boards
  • 74% of VIP graduates went on to board service

Engaging through giving and affinity groups: United Way provides a perfect platform to give, advocate and volunteer through leadership giving societies and affinity groups. These caring communities of individuals drive sustainable improvements in the well-being of children, families and individuals across Greater Atlanta. Through generous giving and personal commitment, these groups are transforming lives today as they help lay the foundations for future generations.

Tocqueville Society (Donations of $10,000 or more)
The Toqueville Society is a group of philanthropic leaders who, alongside United Way staff and others (corporate partners, volunteers, etc.), help tackle our community’s most pressing problems through giving and by helping to build partnerships that create sustainable change for all. For more information, contact us at tocqueville@unitedwayatlanta.org

Tocqueville Women’s Leadership Council (Donations of $10,000 or more)
The Toqueville Women’s Leadership Council is committed to not only donating money, but also to driving improvements in the community; this year, the council is working diligently to help combat human trafficking via the Safe Harbor Yes ballot committee. For more information, contact us at tocquevillewlc@unitedwayatlanta.org

Cole Society (Donations of $1,000 or more)
The Cole Society, numbering over 8400 members, invested nearly $13 million in the Greater Atlanta community last year. Cole Society members play a critical role in community-focused philanthropy. They are a force for positive change in the community through their energy, dedication and the power of their numbers. For more information, contact us at cole@unitedwayatlanta.org

Women of Cole (Donations of $1,000 or more)
The Women of Cole mobilizes women from diverse backgrounds, educating them about philanthropic involvement and leadership and engaging them in the work of United Way. Their current focus is on ensuring that babies are born healthy, to healthy moms. For more information, contact us at womenofcole@unitedwayatlanta.org

African-American Partnership (Donations of $1,000 or more)
The African-American Partnership is comprised of community leaders who are not only committed to philanthropy, service and advocacy, but also to increasing the number of African-American leadership donors to United Way. At present, AAP is focusing its volunteerism and fundraising on mentoring African American middle school boys. For more information, contact us at aap@unitedwayatlanta.org

Young Professional Leaders (YPL) (Donations of $500 or more)
Aged 40 and younger, YPLers cultivate and grow the spirit of philanthropy through strong volunteerism and community advocacy efforts. For more information, contact us at ypl@unitedwayatlanta.org

Lead. Impact. Network. Change. (LINC) (Donations of $250 or more)
LINC is a United Way Worldwide initiative to engage millennials (aged 22-30) through volunteerism and giving. LINC offers unique events and experiences to elevate community and connection. For more information, contact us at linc@atlanta.uwlinc.org

Youth United (YU)
Youth United develops high school students — the next generation of philanthropic leaders — through leadership and service projects. For more information, contact us at youthunited@unitedwayatlanta.org

Engaging locally through County Advisory Boards
United Way County Advisory Boards are assembled groups of community leaders in each of United Way’s 13-county service area committed to the advancement of our vision and mission at the county level. There are 14 County Advisory Boards; one in each county, except Fulton County, where there are two (one each for North and South Fulton).

County Advisory Boards oversee all United Way activities in a county, including community engagement, resource development, community relations (communications and volunteerism) and all partner relationships consistent with the goals and objectives of United Way of Greater Atlanta.

County Advisory Board Members are selected to leverage their talents, influence and commitment to United Way to drive sustainable improvements in their local community and region.

United Way of Greater Atlanta makes our community AWESOME!

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