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Market: Atlanta, Georgia
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Business Development, Consulting, Strategic Planning
Established: 2013

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57 Waddell St SE
Marietta, Georgia 30060

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About Synermatix

Who is Synermatix?

We are a strategic consulting service focused on designing and implementing innovative and profitable transformation programs for small and medium businesses.  We specialize in taking businesses to scale.

Skilled in conceptualizing innovative value-driven business strategies, and in developing executable plans in support of those strategies, we strive to drive increased sales and profitable growth with an immediate impact on meeting client objectives.  This approach requires successfully balancing entrepreneurial risk-taking and contingency management strategies to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.

Primary areas of concentration have included Brand and Marketing Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Market Expansion, Multi-Channel Integration and Strategic Alliance Development.

Our Ideal Client is:

  • DECISIVE – a Business Owner committed to profitably expand or streamline an existing product or service business.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL – a start-up seeking to get their idea off the ground successfully, with an eye toward growth.
  • PASSIONATE –  and willing to embrace Innovation in the pursuit of Opportunity Creation.

Why Choose Synermatix?

     We have:

  • Successfully facilitated organizational change through relationship building, and by mentoring individual team members
  • Expertise in developing complex process management systems that will scale on a national level
  • A field-tested understanding of consumer behavior and purchasing decision-making
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze data, prepare concise summaries, and provide sound, well- reasoned recommendations related to complex issues
  • Experience connecting retailers, manufacturers, contractors and consumers
  • Expertise in channel diversification and expanding income opportunities across selling platforms.

Who is Our Best Referral/Referral Partner?

 “Give, and it will be given to you… For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”  Luke 6:38

At Synermatix, we pride ourselves on always seeking out mutual benefit in every engagement, and enjoy building and maintaining lasting relationships with every client. In fact, even when a prospect doesn’t become a client, we are happy to freely give what we can in terms of strategic referrals and warm introductions to those we know who may be better suited to help.

Likewise, our best referrals have always come from like-minded individuals who don’t believe that business is a zero-sum proposition, but rather those with an “Abundance Mindset” who believe that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.

What’s the Process to Get Started?

When it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each client the time and support they deserve as we share our knowledge, experience and passion helping them achieve success in their business.  Consequently, we take a very consultative and collaborative approach to every engagement.

First, we’ll start with an assessment to understand and explore a prospective client’s vision and objectives for their business.  This is usually accomplished on site during a 2-3 hour Discovery Session involving the owner and any key staff members.

Then, we will take our notes from that Discovery Session, and begin to formulate a preliminary overview of our ideas, and how (or whether) we believe we are the right partner to help the business achieve their stated objectives.

Finally, we will reconvene with the prospective client to review and discuss our findings and preliminary recommendations in order to mutually determine the possibility and nature of a full engagement.

Because each Synermatix client has unique business challenges and differing objectives, each client contract is customized accordingly.



“Andrew has an enormous intellect, but he also has the rare ability relate to everyone in an authentic and genuinely good-natured way. He builds bridges, not just networks. He has the ability to translate complex and time-critical issues into messages his colleagues can understand.”

George Puchta,  President, March Creek Advisors LLC

“He conveys complex plans and ideas very clearly and succinctly and leaves a positive, lasting impression with his audiences.”

Chris Raterman,  Senior Manager, Medtronic

“He has the ability to identify critical issues, make decisions and recommendations that drive results.”

Kent Richardson,  VP Store Design, Ross Stores

“Andrew approaches every problem as a creative challenge, knows how to be effective with small budgets and is an expert at developing and nurturing relationships. His love for his profession is fully apparent in his work ethic, reading list and quest for honing his skills.”

Gwen McShea,  President, Lean Edge Marketing

“He has great analytical skills and is accomplished at solving complex business problems. He is adept at building new business models. I found Andrew to be a valuable partner and resource during our time working together”

Mike White, Regional VP, JOANN Stores

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew in two different companies over a span of 20+ years. Andrew’s support in business development and marketing has been a corner stone of any success I’ve achieved in my efforts as an operator.”

Andrew Remm, Senior Director of Commercial Sales, Floor & Decor

“Andrew is extremely professional and takes tremendous pride in the flawless execution of his projects, keeping costs in line with budgets and always looking to improve himself as well as others with whom he works.”

Chris McDonald, Sales Manager, Crown Metal

“Andrew was routinely at the front of most Operational action, leading teams to establish new standards of high performance. His ability to quickly analyze complex details allowed him to manage multiple projects at the same time, collaboratively across functional areas of the organization. His sharp wit & steady smile helped to make him a quickly well known figure across the company.”

James Murray, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, PatientsLikeMe






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