Stephanie Wilson Family Law, L.L.C.

Stephanie Wilson Family Law, L.L.C.

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Market: Atlanta, Georgia
Category: Legal and Financial Services
Sub Category: Alimony/Spousal Support, Child Support, Divorce Attorney, Family Law, Legal Services, Paternity and Legitimation, Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements
Established: 2020

Other Awards: Super Lawyers “Rising Star” and

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220 Heritage Walk, Suite 105
Woodstock, Georgia 30188
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(404) 720.2970

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About Stephanie Wilson Family Law, L.L.C.



Stephanie Wilson Family Law, L.L.C. provides high quality legal services, which are tailor-made to each individual client and grounded in compassion and personal wellness.

Attorney, Stephanie Wilson, will navigates each family matter with integrity and a view towards the future. Over the course of her fifteen (15)-year career, practicing exclusively in the area of divorce and family law, Stephanie has garnered a reputation for her skilled representation, strong work ethic, solid value system, and focus on the family.

With her understanding, empathetic, and caring nature, Stephanie immediately puts her clients at ease, yet instills in them the confidence that she will work zealously and tirelessly to ensure their best interests are protected.


  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Paternity and Legitimation
  • Child Support
  • Alimony/Spousal Support
  • Legal Separation
  • Modification Actions
  • Contempt
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements


  • A husband or wife, who is seeking freedom from an unhealthy or unworkable marriage and aspires for future happiness, peace, and stability
  • A mother or father, who is fearful of the divorce process and the financial and familial uncertainties associated therewith
  • A financial breadwinner, who wishes to dissolve a marriage while also ensuring the protection of a positive future for his or her children
  • A financially-dependent spouse, who lacks the knowledge and ability to fully navigate the divorce process without qualified guidance
  • A business owner or other professional, who desires to divorce, but requires protection of his or her business or other financial interests
  • A man or woman, who has been through a divorce, but requires modifications to custody and/or support orders


  • Other Professionals, such as accountants, real estate agents, therapists, financial planners and advisors, mortgage lenders
  • Those whose lives have been touched by family law issues and simply have questions that require answers


  • Simply contact Attorney, Stephanie Wilson, for an initial client consultation
  • An initial client consultation consists of an in-depth conversation between Stephanie and the potential client, wherein family law issues are identified, background is communicated, and a plan of action is created


From C.S.

Stephanie Wilson is an experienced family law attorney with a passion for her work. She understands that family law requires more than just a lawyer; it requires an advocate. She listens to her clients so that she can truly meet their needs and priorities. And, she works tirelessly to assure that her clients receive the high-quality representation that everyone deserves from start to finish.

From L.E.

Stephanie is a gifted attorney with deep experience, great judgment and — most important — deep compassion for the families she’s working with. In a difficult set of divorce negotiations she supported my family values and priorities, even if legally we could have pushed for more. She has a sense of humor and gentleness that are very helpful in times of stress. But also a very strong understanding of the law and of her client’s rights. She will fight hard for her clients, but remain polished and professional throughout and not amplify the stress of the situation. I would recommend her in strongest words and have sent several friends to her for advice.

From S.S.

Stephanie was the most amazing and compassionate Attorney during my Divorce. I really appreciate her professionalism, knowledge and understanding of my need for her guidance. She also gave me so much compassion/emotional support. She is excellent and I continue to refer her to all my friends during the terrible experience of Divorce Thank you Stephanie!

From L.F.

Stephanie is the go to attorney if you want a listener, a caring attorney and a smart attorney who has great knowledge in Family Law.She will listen and then decide with you what is the best way to proceed.She thinks in and out of the box .Stephanie will do the work and research necessary to bring you the best possible results in your case. Stephanie has been my attorney for the last 7 years.She has dealt with convoluted issues every year.She is always prepared for court.I could not find a better attorney to represent me and she has delivered great results.

From J.C.

Stephanie has been my attorney for the past few years helping me correspond via email with my ex husband about issues pertaining to our child. She has been invaluable at helping me stick to the facts, not get emotional and come up with the best outcomes. She is a pro.

From C.A.

I worked as an associate attorney under Stephanie for 3 years and she was always the first person I would run to if I had any questions about my own cases and she definitely helped me get out of multiple jams! That’s because in addition to her being intelligent, strong willed and dedicated, Stephanie is a good person who genuinely cares about helping people – whether that be her friends, the community, co-workers and especially her clients.

From A.W.

The process of divorce/separation is one of the most stressful, emotional, infuriating, scary moments in a mother’s life. One that leaves you wondering how did it all come to “this”. Stephanie was not only extremely professional at all times, but she shared her ability to be empathic, her ability to understand on a humanistic level, and her years of experience which granted me the ability to feel empowered, focused, determined, and re-invigorated toward the path in front of me. I’m ‘that’ mother that would give her life for her child in order to do what is in their best interest by keeping them happy, safe, healthy, educated, exposed worldly, and nourished emotionally. Stephanie’s turn-around time is exquisite which equated to a sense of calm for me. I, begrudgingly admit, that I didn’t always have the best responses or reactions to communications received from the opposing party, but Stephanie’s skillful and artful aptitude assisted me in seeing the broader picture, ultimate goal, and rightfully help reroute my approach; I can honestly say I would not have been able to navigate those first few months filled with unknowns without her precise and efficient dedication to my case; but more importantly her dedication to me as a mother.

From H.H.

Attorney Stephanie Wilson represented me during my divorce. She strikes a wonderful balance of being kind and supportive while also extremely effective in driving the process. Her follow-up and communication are excellent. She guided me through a very challenging time and helped bring my divorce to an equitable resolution.

From D.M.

High integrity, high communication, superior results. Stephanie leads by example through being a community advocate and selfless individual.

From L.L.

It is an honor to write Stephanie a review. She is professional, diligent, knowledgeable, creative in her approach and most importantly, genuinely concerned about the well being of her clients. She is always available to answer questions.

From S.H.

Stephanie is an excellent family law attorney. She is gifted in that she is outstanding not only in custody matters, but she excels at understanding the financial matters as well. As a financial expert, I work with many attorneys and she is a wonderful attorney to work with.

From S.L.

Stephanie is one of the best family law attorneys I know. She is intelligent, caring and passionate about serving the needs of her clients. I wholeheartedly endorse her.

From S.R.

I worked alongside Stephanie for a year and a half. She is compassionate and a strong litigator. She values her clients time and money, which isn’t always the case with divorce attorneys. While I hope I never have to use her for divorce proceedings, she’d be the one I’d go to!


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