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Sandler Training Ascent Training, Inc.

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Market: Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Management and Leadership Training, Sales Training
Established: 2015

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5825 Glenridge Drive NE Building 1 - Suite 214
Sandy Springs , GA 30328
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You need a trainer who can also be a trusted advisor, partner and consultant.

Why choose Ascent Training? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients.  Don’t believe us? See what our clients say.


Our clients are… We provide business solutions to problems with… How we do it…
·        Sales Teams & Individual Salespeople

·        Sales Managers

·        Managers & Business Owners

·        Inside Sales & Customer Service

·        Professional Service Providers

·        Enterprise Organizations


·        Sales

·        Sales Management

·        Customer Service

·        Leadership & Management

·        Practice Development


·        Assessments & Benchmarking

·        Facilitator-led classroom training

·        Individual & Group Coaching

·        Accountability & Measurement

·        Online 24/7 reinforcement training

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About Sandler Training / Ascent Training, Inc.

Who do we help?

Business Owners – Business owners work with us to solve a myriad of challenges that they struggle with consistently:

    • Worry about the future – things are going well now, but you are concerned about whether or not your business as well will continue to perform when the economy takes a dip and things are a bit tougher.
    • Bad hires – your new employee interviewed very well and has a great history, but it appears that they have lost all of that talent by month 6 when the still haven’t brought in any business
    • Not closing enough – Your industry is doing great and your competitors are crushing it. There is a lot of opportunity getting into the funnel, but you are not closing your fair share of business. You are working hard but are frustrated because you cannot figure out what you need to do differently. Do you have the right people? Is there something that you are doing in your sales process that is not working and you cannot figure it out?


Sales Leaders – (Senior VPs, Executive VPs, Directors, etc.) The titles are different, but the challenges are similar.

    • Inconsistent performance – your team had a great quarter and follows-up with a horrible performance in the next quarter. Is it pipeline management? Did they get lucky one quarter or lazy in the next?
    • Low morale – You have weekly team calls and struggle with getting everyone to participate. Only some show some drive or motivation and you aren’t quite sure what you can do to change things.
    • The wrong people – Do you have a hunter in an account management role or an account manager in a hunter’s role?


Professional Salespeople – the business owner who is his/her’s company’s sales team, or an employee that is truly motivated to perform. Typically, these people are doing well but truly desire to be much better.

    • You never sold before – this is your business and you do everything from open the doors, tackle the marketing, the bookkeeping, deliver your product or service – and you sell! You need to find a better, more consistent way to sell.
    • You need to excel – you accept nothing less that top performance from yourself. You have always succeeded, and you are doing it “your way”. You would try something different if it allowed you to build a process around the way to sell and help you determine the right actions to take in every step of the sales process.

  How Do We Do It


  • Assessments – before we work with anyone we get a baseline understanding of their styles, behaviors, and competencies.
  • Classroom training
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • High-energy boot camps
  • Interactive multi-media material via Sandler Online.


This combination of delivery methods will help your people more quickly master and apply their new skills. In turn, that will accelerate your learning path and multiply your successes. Each individual has an individual plan which includes some level of training, on-going reinforcement, and individualized coaching.



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