Performance Max Global, LLC

Performance Max Global, LLC

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Market: Atlanta
Category: Health and Beauty
Sub Category: Skin Care/Makeup
Established: 2017

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About Performance Max Global, LLC

We are a different skin care company in that we provide safer alternatives by excluding many of the harmful, toxic chemicals that are found in most other skin care items on the market (including moisturizers/lotion, sunscreen, shampoo as well as makeup). Our products are made, manufactured and tested in the USA, and animals are never used in our testing process. We also go to Capital Hill annually to rally Congress to regulate the cosmetic industry as it does the foods and drugs that are under the FDA, which ironically is also the overseer of cosmetics since 1938 but has fallen off the legislative radar for 80 years now. I call it skin care and makeup on a mission!

This is an education process for me as well as an opportunity to put safer products in front of as many people as I can. I am excited to be a part of this organization and hope the members will enjoy learning about a safer alternative to skin care.

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