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Paxxo Inc.

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Market: Metro Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Green/Eco Friendly, Waste Bagging System, Waste Handling System
Established: 1980

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1924 Millard Farmer Road
Newnan, Georgia 30263
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About Paxxo Inc.

PAXXO is a family owned company that was founded in Sweden 1980. Our business mission is to develop and produce a sustainable bagging system – Longopac. The Paxxo Longopac system enables smarter waste handling and innovative packaging applications creating smarter and better work environments for professionals. This innovative bagging system, which now has a global market, is based on an extremely thin and strong 3 layer polyethylene material. Headquarters for sales, production and R&D is located in Malmö, Sweden. A sales office with warehouse is located in Atlanta, USA. PAXXO is certificated in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14 00

Longopac is a Swedish innovation to improve the much criticized work environment within waste management. The Longopac system is based on a thin yet strong plastic film that is folded into compact continuous cassette bags.

Paxxo…We are a 30yr. old Swedish manufacturer of a very efficient and unique continuous bag vs. single system for the smart handling of waste called Longopac. Our USA office/warehouse is here in greater Atlanta. We work with all types and sizes of businesses in many different industries (automotive, health care, hospitality, office, food processing, food service, municipalities, retail, and warehouses)…wherever a business generates trash.

Some brief highlights of Longopac are: (please see pdf link below for further details)
Longopac -Sustainable Easy Handling Waste Bag System – from Paxxo

  • Environmentally friendly – reduce CO2 footprint up to 70% vs. other suppliers, means less plastic in environment
  • Less waste/money saved – virtually 100% of plastic bag used vs. traditional bags, money is saved vs. spent
  • How it’s done – the bottom of the cassette (bag) on a Longopac stand is sealed/secured with a clip (zip tie).

When it’s ready to be discarded, the top end is cut with scissors and sealed with another zip tie.

Sealed properly it will not leak when it comes to wet waste.

  • New bag – always in place, employee DOES Not have to leave work station to find new bag
  • Strongest trash bag in the world – made from 3 ply polyethylene, combination of a high and low-density bag
  • Save – on labor, time – bag changed in 30 seconds
  • Ergonomically friendly – no pulling bags through top, thus less likelihood of workers comp injuries
  • Cleaning – no dirty trash cans to clean….because there is NO can ….use less water/chemicals and labor
  • Available in – stainless steel, galvanized steel, polypropylene, with/without foot petals and lids, on wheels/wall mount
  • Various bag sizes – our “stands” are the equivalent of….Mini = 18-20 gallons, Midi = 33 gallons, Maxi = 55 gallons
  • We sell B2B and ship DIRECT – thus eliminating the extra cost of going through distribution
  • Affordable – comparable +/-  in price to traditional bags, depends on how Longopac is used
  • Longopac – is available for purchase, along with bulk pricing and long-term agreements
  • Pilot (Trial offer) – Paxxo can place a Maxi or Mini stand at a business for 30 days – no cost/obligation

This video shows how a bag is changed….quick and easy. The product is “Longobin.” Used in public contact areas such as offices and rest rooms.

Longobin – Is a practical and hygienic solution for efficient waste management
See link for additional information.
Longobin – Stylish, practical, user friendly waste solution for public spaces

Below is a traditional black 55-gal trash bag on the left, with excess plastic above my fist…it is about 50% full. The blue bag on the right is a Paxxo Longopac bag. Notice the small amount of plastic at top and bottom, virtually using 100% of the plastic. Another way to look at it is that each bag is customized in length.

Paxxo Inc. is a Business to Business company. We do not sell to the general public.

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