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Market: Dallas
Category: Home Improvement and Home Services
Sub Category: Heating & Cooling Contractors - Residential
Established: 1965

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About On Time Experts

On Time Expert’s Story More than 50 years ago…

Bob Dolton started what came to be known as the On Time Experts in 1965. He had one truck and lots of desire to provide honest heating and air conditioning repair and installation in Garland, Texas. He had so much desire, even a heart attack on the job in 1978 didn’t stop him from serving his customers. Like he had a “whatever it takes” tattoo on his heart. In 1981 his little business had grown to 12 employees, and Bob felt it was his time to ride into the sunset. So he sold the company. We became Unique Indoor Comfort and began expanding. From the bottom to owning the company In June of 1985 the new owner hired Randy Kelley as a parts runner & helper. Randy learned the refrigerant cycle. He ran repair calls with the service manager, the president and owner, as well as the other service techs. He helped on installs. He answered phones, ordered parts, filled inventory and whatever else needed to be done. All that hands-on work taught Randy a lot. Sometime in early 1987 the service manager quit and Randy started training service managers. He trained 2 or 3 before he decided in July of 1988 that he wanted the position. He continued as service manager until January of 1995, when he became President of the company. Randy decided he wanted to provide his customers even better service. He trained his techs to focus on how customers wanted to be treated, instead of how we preferred to do business. By 2012, Randy bought the company and gave even more attention to treating customers like family. Business boomed. A New Name At the beginning of 2014, we changed our name to the On Time Experts.

We also clarified what we stand for and against:

  • On Time or Your Repair is Free – If we ever show up late, I don’t care how much it was going to cost, your repair is free.
  • Do it Right the First Time or Make it Right, Whatever it Takes – If a mistake happens, every On Time Experts employee is empowered with an unlimited budget to make it right, whatever… it… takes.
  • You’ll talk to a real person whenever you call. – You won’t ever get an answering machine or an answering service in another state or country no matter what time of day, night, holiday, weekend. We’re here for you.
  • Front of the Line Family – guaranteed 24-hour repair, a dedicated VIP Hotline, 15% discounts, 2 Tune-Ups/yr and a $100/yr “Franklin Fund” for new equipment to our most loyal customers.

Over-the-Line Committed To Your Comfort The On Time Experts are over-the-line committed to giving you the most comfort in your home and the best experience with our Comfort Experts. It starts from Randy Kelley and filters down to every employee here. If you ask Randy why he’s so passionate about treating you like a person, he’ll probably say, “Shoot, I got a “whatever it takes tattoo” on my heart, just like Bob Dolton, who started us over 50 years ago.”

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