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Market: Atlanta, Georgia
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Commercial Warehousing, Freight, Logistics & Supply Chain, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation
Established: 1946

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About Nexterus

Nexterus is a leading provider of modern, integrated supply chain services to include Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Freight Tracking, a Proprietary and customizable Transportation Management System (TMS), Commercial Warehousing, and more.

Nexterus is a supply chain engineering and technology company that partners with and enables small to mid-sized companies to effectively compete in the global marketplace.

We also partner with large companies to implement technological efficiencies and processes that lower costs, reduce and manage claims, and make industry-defining decisions by providing on-demand analytic data.

We provide solutions to complex business issues, applying our expertise and best-in-class technology to model, optimize, and manage your global supply chain.

We research best-in-class supply chain strategies being employed by the largest companies in the world.  We bring those strategies to our partners in scalable, affordable applications.

Nexterus’ unique approach of modeling, optimizing, and managing gives you the freedom to build your business without being distracted by a multitude of complex supply chain challenges.

The company offers analytics and optimization, forecasting, sourcing, vendor and order management, warehouse operations, site and software selection, packaging optimization, reverse logistics, and other services.


Who is Our Ideal Client/Referral?

  • Manufacturers, Retail, and Distributors
  • Anyone that is moving a Physical Product that wants to lower their cost or increase their efficiencies.

Who are our Best Referral Partners?

  • Manufacturing CPAs
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Outsourced CEOs/CFOs/COOs

How do you start with Nexterus?

  1. We schedule a meeting to conduct preliminary introductions and evaluate if Nexterus would be a good partner fit for your company.
  2. During the meeting, we will discuss your Company’s specific needs, known pain points, and challenges.
  3. We will exchange transportation data between Nexterus and your Company.
  4. Nexterus will use this data to conduct a full at no cost audit of your Supply Chain Environment (a $1500+ value service).
  5. Nexterus will provide findings of the audit with recommended solutions.
  6. Nexterus will provide optional solutions that fit within our current portfolio.

Your Company can choose to take the audit findings to work with other parties or choose to partner with Nexterus.

Even if you choose to seek solutions from another company, Nexterus will always remain an asset in your Company’s arsenal.

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