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New York Prime

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Market: Atlanta, Georgia
Category: Restaurants and Catering
Sub Category: Dine-In, Gift Cards, Private Events, Steakhouse, To Go/Curb Side
Established: 1990

Other Awards: “Best Steakhouse” 13 years, by Jezebel Magazine readers'

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3424 Peachtree Rd NE Ste 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
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(404) 846-0644

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About New York Prime


  • We serve only USDA grade prime for every cut of beef – including filets. Only the top 3% of all beef is graded prime. Certified Angus some restaurants brag about is choice grade, not prime. Our steaks are aged a minimum of 4 weeks for extra flavor and cut to the exact weights shown on the menu. Strip and porterhouse cuts are trimmed of fat leaving just enough for proper cooking, and the porterhouse is a true porterhouse with both filet and strip sides. We don’t call a T-bone a porterhouse or serve a 16 oz. strip steak with 14 ounces of steak and 2 ounces of fat.
  • Our filets are barrel cuts only – no gristle, no chains (the thin piece of meat hanging on the side of the filet) and no V-cut heads. This raises our costs tremendously, especially since we are one of the only very few steakhouses in the U.S.A. that uses only barrel cut prime for filets. (Yes, we believe our customers can taste the difference.) But with these tight quality controls, at New York Prime no one gets the cheaper head cuts or meat from the chain to make it look like there is more on the plate.
  • Besides top quality properly aged meat, the technique for broiling steaks and chops and the equipment used greatly affects the taste of the final product. Our chefs are trained on our 1700° Southbend™ broilers with the exact procedures to produce just the right amount of caramelization for extra flavor. We don’t serve a skinny New York strip or ½ inch porterhouse because we don’t believe they can be properly seared.
  • We use U-10s or larger for our shrimp dishes. There is a tremendous price premium for these giant shrimp versus smaller ones and our shrimp appetizers are a minimum of 1/3 of a pound.
  • Crab meat cocktail is made with jumbo lump crab meat only – double the cost of regular crab meat.
  • We serve steak cuts of fresh fish and limit variety so that we move them out before they can get old in our coolers. With this limited variety, all our fish is “the fish of the day.”
  • Baked potatoes are jumbo Idahos only, each weighing at least 1 pound. All our potatoes are fresh – never frozen. None of our potatoes are ever frozen.
  • Coffee is premium brewed to our specification from a tiny New Orleans specialty coffee producer with a decaf that tastes like real coffee.
  • Our traditional European style handmade breads are the absolute finest quality available, baked fresh daily, and served with pure sweet creamed butter.
  • Our extensive wine list has been personally selected by our owners who have many years experience in the wine business. We modestly mark up our wines to permit experimentation in every quality level.
  • Our restaurant environment has been carefully pre-engineered for comfort. Specific acoustic controls are used to produce an energy level that is not too loud or too soft. Booths are designed to exact dimensions and tables built to exact height for comfort.

At New York Prime we strive to be the Mercedes of steakhouses by offering the very best. But as you know, you can’t drive a Mercedes for the same price as a Buick. You can’t sell a prime steak for $25.00 when it costs you $23.00. But you can be sure at New York Prime our “Mercedes experience” is a good deal, considering the quality.

We hope your visit to New York Prime exceeds your expectations in every respect. And thanks for reading our story.






Every item on our menu is the best quality money can buy. Because our product specs cause our costs to be so high, our menu prices are not cheap. However we refuse to use gimmicks to cut costs – particularly in buying, aging and cutting of meat. If you’re interested in some of the details why our quality is the best – better than our so-called “prime” steakhouse competition – flip over to the back of the menu.


Essential to a total dining experience. We bring your food to the table at a pace that is comfortable – not too slow or too fast. If you wish to speed up or slow down, please let us know. We are here for your enjoyment and will strive in every way to graciously serve you as you wish.


We operate our steakhouse to please our customers – not our owners or our staff.


This lively steakhouse in the center of Buckhead has been voted “Best Steakhouse” 12 years running, by Jezebel Magazine readers’. New York Prime has been a sought after hot spot for any night out, thanks to the lively bar and USDA prime-only menu. From barrel cut filets to top-of-the-line cooking techniques, every detail counts at this powerhouse, old-school steak joint, but what sets them apart further is the live music nightly, courtyard dining and private room. We’ll cheers to that!

The Restaurant and Bar is Non-Smoking | Upscale Casual Dress Code

Located in Monarch Tower with complimentary valet parking. Directions: Lenox Road upper ramp between The Whitley hotel and Phipps Plaza.

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