Money Pages

Money Pages

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Market: Metro Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Digital Mail Magazines, Digital Marketing, Flyers, Menu, Postcards
Established: 2001

Other Awards: Atlanta Small Business Network Featured as an up and coming Atlanta Franchise 2020, Best of Cobb 2021 Direct Mail

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About Money Pages

We are passionate about helping local businesses grow.  It’s our focus every single day.  Money Pages helps connect businesses to people and people to their own communities.  Our model is focused on local communities with the purpose to help readers save and business owners reach the right target audience.  We’re unique in our ability to bring our client’s stories to life.

Alan Worley launched Money Pages magazine in Jacksonville, Fla. in 2001 with a desire to provide an advertising medium for any business to have access to local marketing.  His vision grew to help advertisers embrace more than the magazine, transforming the company into offering multiple avenues to reach audiences through direct mail, digital marketing and branding.

Brian and Ramona Long introduced Money Pages to Cobb County in 2019 and have already been recognized “Best of Cobb” in their industry!

Great things can be accomplished with teamwork especially when you are working with some of the best in the industry.  Our experienced team of professionals — with backgrounds in sales, marketing, design, print, mail management, layout, accounting and digital products — give our advertisers the support they need in order to make an impact.

Click here for the latest issue of Money Pages East Cobb County

Click here for the latest issue of Money Pages of North Cobb County 


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