Lives Borne, LLC

Lives Borne, LLC

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Market: Atlanta, Georgia
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Commercial Warehousing, Freight, Logistics & Supply Chain, Software, Transportation
Established: 2020

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159 Ashland Way NW
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
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About Lives Borne, LLC

Lives Borne is the Supply Chain & Logistics, Technology, and Management firm with a global reach.

Headquartered out of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Lives Borne is engaged in research, design, development, integration, and sustainment of the Supply Chain Industry’s advanced technology, products, and services where ever your transportation needs take you.


International Transportation Management (Import/Export –Ocean/Air/Clearance)

Nexterus Atlanta Northwest will analyze your product lines, shipment configurations, and shipping lanes to book your shipment with a qualified carrier. Nexterus will arrange shipment details for client import and export needs. We will manage all freight forwarding, customs clearance, government compliance advice, and shipment tracking requirements. We take a worldly approach!


Domestic Transportation (LTL/TL/Parcel/Air)

Nexterus Atlanta Northwest had one of the first property broker licenses awarded when the trucking industry deregulated many years ago. Benefit from our decades of experience and multi-year partnerships with qualified transportation partners, who are cost-effective and reliable. Whether it’s dock-to-dock LTL, retail transportation, temperature-controlled/frozen freight, dry-van, flatbed, and much more, you can count on us!


Technology Infrastructure

Nexterus Atlanta Northwest is dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business. You can relax knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT personally, and strive to keep your staff productive with the tools they need to drive your business forward.

Change the way you think about IT with Nexterus Atlanta Northwest. Think of us as your outsourced IT department. We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that keeps your users from experiencing downtime.


TMS (Transportation Management System)

Nexterus Atlanta Northwest will provide access to our TMS, Fusion Center, that offers the rate and service options clients need, eliminating manual processes for your employees and offering automated and customized reporting. Benefits include rate quotes, shipment scheduling & execution, bill of lading creation, label creation, status tracking, document management, strategic reporting, cargo claim entry & status, and client XML upload. Keep things easy and streamlined by harnessing the power of Fusion Center.

Warehousing & Optimization (Network, Inventory, Freight)

Using powerful software business intelligence and supply chain optimization tools, Nexterus Atlanta Northwest can assist clients in selecting optimal sites for North American or global distribution and/or inventory quantity placement, down to the SKU level, at each selected facility. Nexterus Atlanta Northwest will also optimize transportation routing, scenario modeling (growth analysis/new product rollout-subtraction), shipment consolidation analysis, and much more. The end goal is to optimize the client’s entire network, while increasing efficiency, and making the client’s business more profitable. What story is the data telling? Become a trusted advisor for your customer.


  • Partner with the oldest privately-held logistics company in America to develop a mutually beneficial relationship

  • Join each other’s sourcing network as preferred partners, sharing a common goal of bi-directional revenue generation

  • Co-Marketing and Go-To-Market collaboration

  • Integration with networks to streamline data and analytics

  • Joint NDA to protect partner’s base

  • Average client tenure of 14 years

  • Nexterus Technologies for your IT needs-Our sister company is a full-service IT

  • MSP (managed services provider). Whether it’s a network, advisory, cybersecurity, or hardware, we’ve got you covered!


Support Services:

  • 24/7 Customer Service Call Center

  • Freight Audit & Payment

  • Loss & Damage Claims Filing/Management


At Lives Borne, we believe that The American Dream was built upon the hard work and sacrifice of those who came before us, and we owe it to their memory to continue that legacy to better our country for our fellow Americans, ourselves, and for our Posterity.

From the Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman who gave their last full measure of devotion for the country, to the parents who went without in order to give their children a shot at a better life, we are carried on the shoulders and sacrifice of those who came before – Lives Borne.



As a veteran owned business, the Lives Borne team brings the professionalism, attention to detail, and mission accomplishment focus of the military to the business world, with the same sense of morals, ethics, and civic duty that defined our military service.





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