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Market: Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Consulting, Contingency Recruitment and Consulting, Recruiting
Established: 2010

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About Hunter Recruitment Advisors

Who is Hunter Recruitment Advisors (HRA)?

We’re your recruitment managed services provider.  Our clients repeatedly tell us most of their energy is spent hunting for the next big sale, opportunity, and prospect while they overlook their largest investment, their people.  Does this sound familiar?  No matter how much business you may obtain, you cannot serve your customers without talented people on your team.

Having a recruitment managed services provider ensures your hiring and payroll dollars are being spent to maximize your organization’s profits.

We Provide A Suite of Recruitment Services That Include:

  • Recruiters who are entirely payrolled and managed by HRA – No headache, we are “plug and play”. We are not limited by industry, we have the expertise that ranges from TV, restaurants, and retail to manufacturing, healthcare and IT.
  • Recruitment Marketing – As an example we work with companies like Glassdoor and Indeed to improve your overall company ratings…the #1&2 websites millennials use to check you out. How do you rate?
  • Strategic Planning:
    • Recruitment Staff Training – We work with new and old managers on techniques that will help them truly see the candidates that will move the business forward.
    • Applicant Tracking Implementation – Stop letting other people own the rights to your candidates.
    • Create Realistic Plans and Actions to Address Recruitment as well as Retention
  • Flexibility – We manage as much or as little of the recruitment process as you like.
  • Scalability – We can scale up the size of our team to meet any recruitment period.

Our Ideal Client and Best Referral Partner Are:

  • Fed Up with the Conventional – Business owners who have tried numerous times to address their recruiting issues with traditional solutions that do not work.
  • Distressed Over the Future – Business owner who has a tremendous service or product they want to share with the world but can’t because they lack the right or enough people to make it a reality.
  • Ready for a Change – Business owners who have committed to getting ahead of the recruiting landscape for their business’ survival instead of falling to their competition.

Why Choose Hunter Recruitment Advisors (HRA):

  • 100% Success Rate – I know you shouldn’t brag, but it’s true. We have yet to work with a client who has taken our advice and not been successful in achieving their goals.  There is no such thing as a sure thing, but we come really close.
  • We are more than a recruitment organization – Our client’s see us as a partner, consultant and teammate. That’s our approach to everyone we work with.  You can hire anyone to recruit, but you hire us because you want someone who can recruit and think about the impact of your recruiting for the short and long-term impact of your business.
  • Ask our clients – Our clients have been our best salespeople. We promise you’ll become an HRA cheerleader too.

What is the Process to Get Started?

  • It all starts with a get to know you meeting to learn about your history of recruitment and the challenges you are facing.
  • After meeting we will devise a strategy of addressing your needs and let you evaluate the merits of our recommendation.
  • If you agree, we can get started putting your recruitment concerns in the past.

Examples of the Industries We Work With Include:

  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Television
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Restaurants
  • IT
  • Home Services
  • Engineering


Client Testimonials:

“What impressed me most was how quickly they always responded and made you feel like they were a part of your team.  It was impossible for our candidates to distinguish between our own corporate recruiters and theirs…they truly became an extension of our department.”

Angela Stovall
Paradies Lagardere (World’s Largest Airport Retailer)
Recruitment Manager

” They (HRA) knew exactly what I was looking for after one conversation.  I didn’t even need to meet with a second candidate because the first one they submitted was exactly the person I was hoping to find.  These guys are so professional and truly listen to your needs.  They best part is they take care of everything, all I had to do was show up to the interview and make a decision.  They are fantastic!”

Crispin Cruz

” These guys are unbelievable!  We tried hiring a recruiter, using contract recruiters and agencies to help us, but it wasn’t until Hunter came that we finally saw results.  Instead of hoping we could meet one qualified candidate a week, we were meeting 2 or 3 each day.  They truly became an extension of our business.  They spent weeks researching and understanding our business, developed a plan and executed on it.  I’m recommending them to all my peers.”

Adam Bardi
Bardi Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

” Marvelous! These guys always seem to find the right culture fit each time we use them.  The best part is they are extremely fair with their pricing and have fantastic customer service.  They are one of a kind and I’m a huge fan of what they do.  I’m so glad we have them as our partner.”

Raychel Sullins 
Sr. VP
Maid Brigade, Inc.

” I genuinely love working with HRA.  They have afforded our business the ability to scale up or down our recruiting support at a moment’s notice.  Their flexibility and quality of work are why we continue to use them again and again and again.  I cannot recommend them enough.”

Tim Smith
Executive Partner of Growth
Stratfield Consulting

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