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Market: Atlanta
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Established: 2009

Other Awards: Founding Member of the Forbes Coaches Council,
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I Reintroduce Successful Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives to Their Families.

About DTK Coaching | Master Life’s Work

I work with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who know they are not yet living up to their fullest potential — professionally or personally.  As they identify what is standing in the way of their complete success, they are fiercely held accountable to their full capacity — to how truly BIG they have the potential to be.

Through coaching, they are guided to bold and actionable solutions — whatever is necessary to empower them to step into that greatness.

What’s the difference between Coaching, Therapy, and Consulting?


   Pretend that you don’t know how ride a bike…

  • A Therapist will lay you out on a couch every week for the next decade trying to figure out what your mom said when you were five that kept you from learning to ride a bike.
  • A Consultant will climb on the bike, ride around in circles, hand you the bike – and an invoice – and leave.
  • A Coach will steady the bike while you climb on then run along beside you letting go when you’re riding on your own.


Here are the different ways to work with DTK Coaching:



Meet David Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC, CTPC, CC-IQC

David holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation, is a Certified Professional Co-active™ Coach (CPCC), is one of the first to become a Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) through Team Coaching International, a Certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach, and he is a 15-year member of Vistage Worldwide as well as a Vistage Speaker. David has spent three decades as a successful serial entrepreneur, the last decade of which has been as an Executive and Team Coach. David is also a Mentor Coach for both the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute.

David’s Coaching Approach

Through coaching, David’s clients shift from leadership competency to leadership mastery. The result: dramatic shifts in their performance and their career trajectory. David believes that a powerful leader exists in each of us. He empowers his clients – both individuals and teams – to unearth and unleash their leadership potential and take an active, intentional, and dynamic role in creating and leading their personal and professional lives. His clients become better leaders, make better decisions, and generate better results.

Common Coaching Topics Addressed with Clients

David frequently coaches clients around:

  • Leadership Presence: identifying core values; setting and communicating the vision, mission, and values across the organization; establishing and maintaining key relationships; creating alignment within a team; fostering a culture of accountability; projecting confidence, strength, and authenticity.
  • Partnership/Leadership Communication: using an understanding of neurochemistry to shift conversations in real time to elevate results over time.
  • Global Leadership: Developing and enhancing the Six Global Leadership Attributes™ expanding leadership effectiveness across borders.
  • Life-Work Rhythm: deep focus on and identification of internal/intrinsic drivers; creating clarity around desired future state; developing an action plan; providing accountability structures & scaffolding during execution.
  • Team Performance Elevation: aligning teams around purpose and elevating performance by measurably increasing both productivity & positivity (across
    14 team performance indicators).
  • Launch and Land™ Coaching: leadership- and culture-focused executive coaching for senior leaders and high-potentials relocating to new countries/regions in both origin and destination locations

If you need more details on David, there is much more information in his bio.


A Few Testimonials…

David Taylor-Klaus helped me navigate one of the hardest decisions I ever made. He incisively helped me focus through the negotiations, transition into coaching, and now as my mentor coach through certification. I am always a bit astounded at his ability to draw out the actual issue from where I start the conversation and create the space for me to transform with a more clear and simplified approach, removing any distracting “swirl.” His secret sauce is his dry wit and and ability to crystallize truth through powerful questions asked in a very loving and energetic manner.

— Dorothy Liu, Seattle, WA   

David is a phenomenal coach. His expertise on entrepreneurial leadership coupled with his skills as a Co-active coach create powerful impact for leaders navigating the waters of owning and scaling a business. He has a unique combination of truth and grace that empowers you to take life and business to a new level.

— Leslie Wright Galloway, Partner at Capacity7

“As head of Noomii Corporate Coaching Program, I have sourced hundreds of executive coaches, and I can tell you David Taylor-Klaus is one in a million– as it is extraordinarily rare to find a coach who combines as vast C-suite experience (in technology and beyond) with the extensive background and proven track record in leadership and executive coaching that David has.”

— Amy Stigter, Corporate Account Manager, Noomii.com – the professional coach directory

I’ve been working with DTK for over 6 months.
I’m the UK and Group Managing Director of a manufacturing company with offices in the UK, India and USA. Ours is a family business and my brother and I run the business between us. Matt located in the US, me the UK.
Understandably there are the usual business challenges, life/work challenges and a family dynamics. It is with these inter-connected and seemingly quite complex inter-woven issues that DTK has been able to provide a great deal of clarity and support.
David was very quickly able to help me understand what made me tick. You get the sense that he has an arsenal of techniques and tools at his disposal that he “takes out of the bag” when he needs to rather than taking a formulaic one-size fits all approach. It’s fair to say he knew what made me tick, sometimes before I did.
David’s a very personable, easy to talk to, passionate and energetic guy. He radiates warmth and as a consequence, invites openness and honesty. Despite clearly being very erudite and articulate, he’s deeply insightful and intuitive and knows when you’re not being honest with yourself.
Ultimately, with any developmental activity like coaching, training etc. it’s ultimately about outcome. With coaching, I felt the two critical elements were defining “what success looks like” and then delivering it. He did.

— Nick Dykins, Managing Director, Slingco Limited

David Taylor-Klaus (or DTK) has transformed the way in which me and my partner communicate, giving us a language to touch on any subject no matter how contentious or sensitive.
As a company that has three locations worldwide – Atlanta USA, Manchester UK & Bangalore India – communication is key. As partners and brothers based 5000 miles apart – one managing Sales & Distribution in the USA, the other managing supply chain in the UK – there is much opportunity for friction & misalignment.
Through all-day executive sessions and 1-to-1 coaching, DTK has not just made a difference to us as partners but to the leadership team and the business as a whole, as we have completely modified the language in which we communicate with each other.
We also worked on the red flags, & the things that can cause issues and build ups of resentment so they are dealt with promptly and in the right way.
DTK is a world class professional coach who’s ability to effectively work on the personal side as well as the professional has produced amazing results for me, my business partner and our overall organization.

— Matt Dykins, President, Slingco America Inc

I have been working with David for the past four years. I had tried other coaches and there is no one that matches the heart and the passion for coaching that David has.
He has the ability to tap into what’s really going on beneath the surface, and creatively helps you work through the issue. My favorite thing about David is the “way” he coaches. He helped me paint a vision for what I wanted and once that was in place, he always holds that vision and challenges me to rise up to meet it. He doesn’t let me play small and I am so appreciative for it.
Through coaching with David, I have been able to leave a 15-year Corporate career, start my own company, create and maintain a six figure business and broaden the scope of what I do to impact thousands of lives across the country and around the globe.

— Robbin Jorgensen, President & Founder, Ignite The Next International

David Taylor-Klaus is an extraordinary individual. I sought him out specifically as I know how bright he is. He has a way of making you comfortable with being uncomfortable. I don’t know how he does that. Perhaps because he builds trust so quickly and because his insight is incredible. (So many times I have said during a session with him, “Hang on, that’s brilliant, I have to write that down.”)
David has a no BS approach, he’s very professional and you know he is holding you to a higher vision that you can even see yourself. He is funny and is a fierce champion for your success.
He has great follow through, has a tremendous knowledge around the corporate space (which was relevant for me) yet, despite that he is hard-charging to drive for results, he has his priorities in life straight.
It is easy to work with David. What isn’t easy, is to work with him without taking your leadership up a notch… No matter how gifted you are when you start working with him. If you are clear on your goals, you will achieve them with David. If you aren’t clear, he has an uncanny way of pulling the resonant information out of you.

Debby Rauch Lissaur, CPCC

Working with DTK was some of the most impactful time I have spent in my professional career. His guidance influenced not only my efforts in my professional career, but also provided significant insight and improvement in my personal life.
I believe two things were instrumental in our success. First, even though I had known DTK for some time, I am not one to easily open up. David instilled a sense of security and confidence in our initial discussion that opened the door to some honest discussion and deep soul-searching.
Second, he provided a solid foundation and methodology from which we were able to build on our discussions and a lens through which I was able to more deeply understand my motivations and drivers, and the how those impacted others and my decision making.
At the end of the day, my time with DTK enabled me to be a better leader, father and husband. I think I always had the desire to get there, but not really the path. I was unbelievably fortunate to not only engage with someone who knew where the path was, but was also my tour guide and light as I headed down it.

— Ed Higdon, CEO, Atlanta GA

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