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Market: Atlanta
Category: B2B Services
Sub Category: Business Coaching
Established: 2009

Other Awards: Founding Member of the Forbes Coaches Council,
Inaugural cohort of Certified Team Performance Co

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560 Cresthill Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
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About DTK Coaching | Master Life Work

I work with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who know they are not yet living up to their fullest potential — professionally or personally.  As they identify what is standing in the way of their complete success, they are fiercely held accountable to their full capacity — to how truly BIG they have the potential to be. Through coaching, they are guided to bold and actionable solutions — whatever is necessary to empower them to step into that greatness.

What does that mean? Here’s how coaching is different.

Imagine that you don’t know how ride a bike:

  • A Therapist will lay you out on a couch every week for the next decade trying to figure out what your mom said when you were five that kept you from learning to ride a bike.
  • A Consultant will climb on the bike, ride around in circles, hand you the bike – and an invoice – and leave.
  • A Coach will steady the bike while you climb on then run along beside you letting go when you’re riding on your own.

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