COVID-19 SBA Loan Application Assistance & CARES ACT Advising Programs Available

We wanted to reach out to you to share our new COVID-19 programs to help businesses with the SBA Loan Application Assistance.  We know that our other restaurants, retail, real estate, and many other businesses have been dramatically impacted.  We have been working on this around the clock for a week.  We help so many of our clients everyday in filing SBA Loan Applications, and we are poised to help in filing the SBA Loan Apps and consulting on the other CARES ACT Payroll Tax Credits, etc.  We have a team of experts ready to help.  We have setup new client portal systems, checklists, and new team members that are trained and ready for our new programs to help businesses.

We have setup a task force of our team members to accumulate all of the documents, package them for Loan Application, and then follow-up.  This is especially helpful when so many entities are involved.  We have been working to train our staff on how to make sure these apps are accurate to avoid issues on forgiveness and rejections.  Also, Steve, Lee, and I are talking with the various banks to help in your lender selection, if needed.

We have had a ton of calls this week, and we are poised to help many, many businesses to ensure they get the most they are eligible to receive.

For an 30-min appointment time with me:

All BCN Members get 10% by simply mentioning the BCN during your 30-min free consultation.


Dixie McCurley


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