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We are so excited to introduce you to our new Nakato Marketplace, where you can purchase a variety of awesome Nakato gear including T-Shirts, Hats and Masks!


Show your support for Nakato and help support our employees at the same time.


100% of all proceeds from the sale of all Nakato masks goes directly to the Employee Relief Fundthat Sachi set up for her employees at Nakato.


All of these items are available right on our website, so you can order online and pick up your Nakato gear Curbside, along with your order.  


Everyone at Nakato appreciates your support more than you could possibly know!


Celebrate Japan’s Ocean Day With The Bounty Of Fish From The Oceans Of Japan

Thursday, July 23rd is Ocean Day, a day where the people of Japan give thanks for the blessings provided by the Oceans.


At Nakato, we love this holiday because it give us a chance to show our thanks for the wonderful bounty of fresh, whole fish from the Oceans of Japan that we get overnighted to us several times a week.



Our Sushi Chefs use their magnificent artistry to break down these whole fish to create delicious Sashimi and Nigiri, as well as stunning Sushi Cakes and Sushi Rolls for you to enjoy.


We love bringing the traditions of Japan to everyone in Atlanta!


We’re All About Family At Nakato


Check Out The Awesome Family Meals

That Our Chefs Have Created

Looking to escape the heat in the kitchen and feed your entire family?


No Problem!


Our Chef have created 6 different Family Meals that are perfect to please the palates of every member of your family!


* Chicken Teriyaki Family Meal *

* Hibachi Shrimp Family Meal *

* Sushi Dinner For Four *

* Premium Sushi Dinner For Four *

* Don Buri Rice Bowl Family Meal *

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