About Us

The Business Community Network (BCN) is an organization specifically designed for small to medium sized local businesses. The BCN recognizes that most business owners face challenges in running and growing their companies. By bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the many benefits offered by an organized business community, the BCN offers a unique opportunity.

The BCN has consolidated best practice methodologies for delivering value to local businesses. A Meetings and Digital platform facilitates the sale of goods through our network of businesses and their employees. Furthermore, B2B/B2C leads and referrals are generated through the BCN. Our network encompasses the broader marketplace so commerce is not limited to transactions between members.

Providing our members with cutting edge information about new business strategies is also part of the BCN. Members learn from both one another and by attending scheduled business seminars during the year. In addition, the BCN provides members the opportunity to share resources such as labor, equipment and co-op advertising.

Digital Platform

The Heart Of Our Digital Platform Is A State-Of-The-Art Website. Together With Apps And An Internal Email System, Members Will Have The Ability To Communicate Digitally With Each


Meetings Platform

BCN Members Have The Opportunity To Network With Other Local Business Owners And Decision Makers. Scheduled Round Table Discussions Are Designed To Be Effective And Productive Events.


Resource Sharing

BCN Members Have The Opportunity To Pool Their Resources In Order To Solve Problems And Achieve Goals In An Efficient And Cost Effective Manner.


Our Community

Together Our Members Comprise A Growing Network Of Business People, Their Employees And Stake Holders. They Are Like-Minded Local Businesses Who Are All Top Tier Product And Service Providers.


Our Locations

The Business Community Network (BCN) is now being established in the following cities:

Additional cities will be added once our foundational markets are fully operational. For further information please contact our Atlanta office.

Connect With BCN

Call us at (866) 484-4197 or  CONTACT US